Mission Statement

Glenmuir Homeowners Association (HOA) is a community that strives to maintain the beauty and value of our properties by continuously making improvements and informed decisions that represent the interests of the majority of the community.

Goals and Objectives

Homeowner association assessments may seem like a bother but the money paid helps all Glenmuir homeowners in both direct and indirect ways. The overall mission of the Board is generally to improve the quality of life while maintaining property values in the neighborhood. The best way to understand the goals of our HOA is to attend the HOA’s meetings or schedule time for an individual chat with a Board Member.

Our HOA exists with a primary objective of increasing, or at least maintaining, property values. The HOA achieves this by using monthly dues to maintain and improve the Association’s common areas, neighborhood streets and enhancing common area landscaping. The HOA also exercises the right to impose fines on homeowners who don’t maintain their homes per the HOA’s standards as set forth in the governing documents such as maintaining the appearance of sod and other vegetation, keeping yards clear of waste and updating exterior paint before it becomes damaged, faded or begins to peel.

Glenmuir HOA places what may seem like unnecessarily strict regulations on changes to property, such as exterior paint and siding choices, construction of additional buildings on a property or storage of large vehicles such as RVs. Enforcement of these regulations is aimed to assist in preserving a certain aesthetic in the neighborhood. This is achieved by requiring natural color choices for exterior paint in areas where the foliage is the primary draw for visitors and potential new homeowners. Overall, most of these regulations are designed to boost property values in the long run by preserving the neighborhood’s image.

Our HOA exists, in part, to create or enhance a feeling of community and togetherness in the neighborhood. Associations may sponsor neighborhood events, which can create a more unified feel among neighbors.